Acne Bootcamp

Tried everything to clear your acne, and still struggling?

Acne can cause emotional and physical skin damage to those that suffer from it. Our Acne Clinic philosophy is to educate you about your skin's particular needs, create a treatment plan and provide you with a specific regimen that's not overly harsh. Our Acne Program offers you a safe and effective treatment plan that will clear your skin in as little as 90 days. 

Our clinic holds a national certification with a 90% success rate and has provided acne treatment solutions to San Diego residents and visitors for over ten years. 

Not sure if an acne boot camp is what you need? Book a complimentary skin analysis with one of our talented estheticians and explore all the options available to get your breakouts under control.

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Initialize Your Skin's Recovery

Your First Visit

Consult & Treatment

$135 / 80m 

Your aesthetician will assess the skin type and conditions present using advanced technology with five spectra mode lights during this comprehensive consultation. In addition, a sensitivity test will be performed, followed by enzyme treatment and extractions.

Your skin professional will also discuss diet and lifestyle practices contributing to the acne problem. At the end of this consultation, you will leave knowing your skin type, skin conditions present, how long the detox process would take, what creates acne, and how to control it.

This discounted price service is available for those signing in for our Acne Bootcamp. $165 for those interested in just one session


Acne Detox Facial

$155 / 50m


Our acne Detox Treatment is ideal for those with sporadic acne breakouts. This customizable facial is performed using several skin modalities to detox the skin, giving you an instant glow.
A melange of hyaluronic, glycolic, lactic, and mandelic serums are used to aim with the skin's desquamation, reduce redness and inflammation, and prepare the skin for extractions.

This facial can be a standalone service or be part of our You Glow Membership that offers you discounted prices and complimentary add-ons.


Maintain Your Skin

After Your First Visit

Acne Treatment

$95 / 50m

This routine maintenance treatment is recommended every two to three weeks as part of our Acne Bootcamp. Your aesthetician will evaluate the skin progress and perform an enzyme treatment or progressive peel, depending on your skin progress. In addition, a light therapy, Oxygen, or Cryotherapy session will be performed at no cost, depending on your skin needs.

Your aesthetician will adjust your home regimen after every visit to continue the detoxification process while paying close attention to the overall skin health. 

This discounted price service is available for those signing in for our Acne Bootcamp.


You Glow Girl Membership

$115 /month

We offer you a generous membership program that will keep your skin glowing! At your Spa, we offer the latest technology in the beauty industry paired with natural paraben and gluten-free products.

Our "You glow beautiful" membership will give you access to all the facial services on our menu to detox, renew, brighten or stimulate your skin at a discounted rate. Additionally, our "Best Skin" membership offers you a dermaplaning session monthly to keep your skin looking amazing.

For all the details and benefits of this program, please call our concierge at 619-770-1820



"Ms. Liz is amazing! I brought my teen and have seen amazing results with her acne under control. She is patient and takes her time educating us on how we can manage her breakouts! I cannot thank her enough! Thank you!!"
Anna G. -Yelp
"Liz is the best in the business! I had severe cystic acne in my late 20's and found Liz through yelp. She was extremely attentive to detail and tailored my skincare routine to ensure my skin would heal."
"I am a travel nurse and while I was in San Diego I decided to start getting facials. Liz is an acne specialist and knew just what my skin needed. I started having inflammation and acne about a year before and it completely cleared up after seeing Liz routinely."
Skylar W. -Yelp