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Lavender Paradise

$125 / 60m


Rejuvenate dry skin with our most popular body treatment. Incredibly rich and completely relaxing, this superb body treatment includes a lavender sea salt exfoliation followed by a warm mask application and fabulous scalp massage. Lavender and fresh citrus scents are combined to delight the senses and promote deep relaxation.

Add-ons available: Herbal Foot Steam, Crystal Bed Therapy, BEMER and Infrared Sauna Session.


Rose Clay Sauna Session


This body detox ritual begins with a herbal foot steam, invigorating dry brush to increase circulation, followed by a rose clay mask, sauna session, cold stone face massage and moisturizing hair treatment. Over a period of treatments, the tone and texture of your skin will improve and may assist in combating weight and cellulite.

Add-ons available: Crystal Bed Therapy, Biomagnetic and Lymphatic Drainage.

Pumpkin Delight

$125 / 60m


A full body exfoliation using a luxurious combination of sugar, pumpkin seed oil, spices, and cinnamon, followed by a warm application of a rich pumpkin mask and a creamy blend of nourishing oils and butter. The soft aroma of this heavenly treatment evokes the spirit of fall and inspires a sense of relaxation while hydrating and soothing the skin.

Add-ons available: Crystal Bed Therapy, BEMER and Infrared Sauna Session.

Cherry & Chocolate Body Bliss

$145 / 60m


Treat your skin to an indulging and relaxing Cherry and Chocolates body bliss. The treatment starts with a warm application of chocolate oil using hot stones, followed by our signature body scrub and wrap combination. This treatment can be complemented with our sauna or crystal bed session to increase its detoxifying effects.

Add-ons available: Herbal Foot Steam, Crystal Bed Therapy, BEMER and Infrared Sauna Session.

Detox Body Ritual


Our unique detox body ritual is enriched with green tea, algae, and other unique ingredients to polish, fortify, and hydrate the skin while gently drawing out toxins from deep within.

Add-ons available: Herbal Foot Steam, Crystal Bed Therapy, BEMER, and Infrared Sauna Session

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy


Your lymphatic system is an important defense factor for your health. When congested, it will not be able to freely circulate throughout the body and eliminate waste. Everyone is susceptible to lymphatic congestion! The cupping Lymphatic therapy offered at your spa,  stimulates the lymphatic flow more effectively than manually pumping/massaging could.


Mind, Body & Soul

$185 / 1 hour 30m


This unique therapy combines holistic treatments that are intended to relax your body and mind.

The service starts with a herbal foot soak and a guided meditation and crystal bed session, followed by a Swedish Massage and a BEMER therapy. BEMER uses a low-level pulsed electromagnetic field not only to increase your electromagnetic energy but also to increase blood circulation by 30 percent, promoting the oxygenation of your tissues on a capillary level.


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