A.W.W Day Spa offers you the one and most effective way to drain your Lymph nodes, with our Detox Electro Lymphatic Therapy, that uses a Lymph purify equipment. Your lymphatic system is an important defense factor for your health, but one that is congested will not be able to freely circulate throughout the body and eliminate waste. Everyone is susceptible to lymphatic congestion!

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Your Lymphatic System is an important element in your immune system. A congested lymph system allows waste to enter into other tissues, the skin, joints and even contribute an overworked liver. Your Cardiovascular system and lymph work in conjunction with each other. De-congesting your lymph will contribute to better blood flow.

What is the Lymphatic System?

Your Lymphatic System is a bodily system that is primarily made up of lymphoid organs (lymph nodes and channels). Designed as your body’s primary defense against bacteria, viruses and fungi the lymph system transports plasma-rich protein to your blood and flush away toxins from the body.

Though both the Cardiovascular System and the Lymphatic System run in conjunction with each other, the major difference between the two is that the blood has its own pumping mechanism, the heart. Your lymph, on the other hand, does not. In fact, with strategic placement of lymph nodes around the joints (i.e. shoulders, armpits, the neck, the waist, etc) the movement of your body “pumps” the lymph throughout your body. Thus a stationary position for long periods of time with contribute to a congested system!

Other factors that contribute to this are illnesses, tight fitting clothing, lack of exercise, injuries, heavy metals, toxins, surgery, stress and dehydration. Your lymph being congested means that it has become thick and sticky, heavy with toxins and thus its circulation and waste elimination is compromised.

Signs that can point to a congested system can include, frequent colds/flu, sinus problems, lymph-edema, heart disease, fibrocystic breasts, cellulite, enlarged prostate, and cancer. Yes, people do have cancer cells that circulate throughout the body and the lymphatic system and immune system keeps these under control. When the lymph is congested, this is almost the perfect environment for them to propagate, but with lymphatic de-congestive therapy, even the severe impairment of the lymphatic system can be restored.

Benefits of our Electro Lymphatic Therapy

  • Detoxification of body tissues
  • Removal of pathogens via the lymph system
  • Supports breast health Helps in relieving discomfort from fibrocystic and tender breasts
  • Promotes T-cell development
  • Regenerates tissue including burns, scars, stretch marks and wrinkles
  • Reduces edema and lymph-edema 
  • Reduces the symptoms that result from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
  • Relieves chronic joint and muscle pain
  • Contributes to weight loss and the break up of cellulite
  • Supports preventive health maintenance Lymph system is cleansed and no longer stagnant.
  • Immune system is boosted general health and energy improved.

Why it is needed?

Our bodies contains 3x more the lymph fluid than blood and with poor diets and sedentary lifestyles our lymphatic system can become bogged down with congestion and toxins that it cannot flush out on its own. Especially since it doesn’t have it’s own automatic pumping system to keep it circulating.

How it works?

As the client is laying on the table, a wand is used and is gliding over lymphatic ducts and channels in the direction they are to be drained (i.e. the face drains into the neck, the neck and chest into the armpits, the torso into the hips/waist). The whole body can/will be treated. The wand(s) contain special gases that can conduct electricity and energy so as to stimulate the lymphatic flow more effectively than manually “pumping”/massaging could.

The electric charge will help re-polarize and re-establish the ideal frequency and energy of individual cells and tissues and de-congest the entire lymphatic system which, in turn, will produce a mild heating effect, increase circulation, activate the lymph, break up any blockages, detoxify the body while boosting immune system.

Depending on how severe the congestion of the body is the amount of treatments will vary from person to person. Some may need only once in a while, while others still need it every couple weeks to once a month because of surgery, illness or other complications.

In a nutshell, each person will heal at their own pace even with assistance, but you will receive the immediate benefits that were listed prior (immunity boost, cellulite break up, etc) from assisted healing that you will not get when left alone. Anyone can benefit from this non-intrusive therapy to better health!