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Standard Massages


$105 / 60m

$135 / 90m

A gentle, relaxing massage that improves circulation and vitality. light to medium massage intended to focus on reducing muscle tension and relieving stress.

Deep Tissue

$115 / 60m

$145 / 90m

Promotes muscle recovery and assists in realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Recommended for those who suffer from back pain or muscle discomfort.


$115 / 60m

$145 / 90m

A massage tailored to treat your bodies specific needs. Sport, Deep tissue and Structural modalities are available for this service. 

Specialty Massages

Lymphatic Massage

$115 / 60m $145/ 90m

Manual Lymphatic drainage is a gentle, non-invasive massage technique that is ideal for reducing symptoms of a sluggish immune system such as: Bloating, headaches, fatigue, cellulite, weight gain, and indigestion. Moving the Lymphatic system helps reduce oxidative stress through increased circulation and enhances your overall wellness and radiance.



Synergistic Therapeutic

$155 / 90m

Our most relaxing and therapeutic massage combines Hot Stones that will surely relieve stress and Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Swedish and Stretching techniques. Particularly beneficial to those with arthritisinsomniastiff muscles, and injuries to the skin's deep tissue.


Mom to Be Massage

$125 / 60m

A light to medium massage. Help the mommy-to-be achieve body & mind relaxation. Particularly helpful to alleviate some of the muscular discomforts associated with pregnancy. Available after the 1st trimester of pregnancy.


Gabriela's background is quite diverse; with experience working in high end day spas, five star resorts, small holistic wellness centers as well as chiropractic and physical therapy clinics. She is delighted to be able to offer an array of modalities. Her goal is to plan clients sessions and treatments to maximize their results, provide them with pain relief, and manage their care plan. She uses a wide array of modalities and tools such as deep tissue, myofascial release, assisted stretching, trigger point therapy, TheraBody Percussive Treatment, Cupping therapy, prenatal massage, one of her most booked services is the Basalt Heated Stones. Her energy work includes chakra balancing/healing, aomatherapy by DoTerra, CBD( Tuning Forks Healing Touch, Amethyst InfraRed heat mat, and guided meditation, breathing techniques.

Vital Remedy

Natalie Webb is a CMT and Health Educator of 8 years. She uses a holistic approach to her work helping her clients reach their health and wellness goals. She’s known for her intuitive sense, interweaving Deep Tissue/ Myofascial Therapy for chronic pain and providing long-lasting results. Natalie is experienced in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Hot Stone, Shiatsu, and Reflexology and has a true love for detox/decongestive therapies such as Lymphatic Drainage and Cupping.